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How to prepare for the AZ-204: Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam

The Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam, also known as AZ-204, assesses the candidate’s ability to create Azure compute solutions, store data in Azure storage, monitor, troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions, connect to and use third-party services and Azure. The Microsoft AZ-204 exam is required to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. AZ-204 is an associate level test with intermediate difficulty, which is in contrast to other Microsoft role-based exams.

This article will help you prepare for the Azure AZ-204 certification exam.
Why Microsoft AZ-204 Exam?
Businesses are increasingly looking to move their operations to the cloud. Public cloud service providers are continually improving their offerings due to technological advancements. Cloud computing certifications such as AZ-204 are in high demand. Microsoft certification is a great opportunity for IT professionals looking to improve their IT career. You will gain a deeper understanding and hands-on experience with AZ-204 services and Azure capabilities. This exam will help you learn more about programming and become a valuable member your company’s staff. This certification will help you stay current with the latest Azure technology trends and position you as one of the most sought after experts in your field.
Domains of AZ204
The AZ-204 exam tests your skills in five domains.

Exam Information for AZ-204
Certification NameExam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft AzureExam FormatMultiple-Choice and Multi-Response QuestionsNumber of Questions40-60Exam Duration 150 MinutesPassing Score70%Retirement DateNoneLanguageEnglish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), KoreanExam Fee$165How to Prepare for AZ-204?
It is crucial to have a plan and prepare for any exam. If you are looking for guidance in passing the Microsoft AZ-204 exam, you have come to the right place. These tips will help you prepare for the AZ204 exam.
Learn the Exam
First, learn about the AZ-204 exam objectives. Second, get familiar with the skills and knowledge that will be required. For the most accurate exam information, always visit the official certification page. The official certification page contains all the information you need about the exam, including exam objectives, fees and prerequisites.
Start small
If you don’t know where or how to start preparing for the AZ-204 certification, take the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. This will help you understand the basics of Microsoft exams without getting too technical.
Learn the Exam Format
You should familiarize yourself first with the format of the exam before you take it. It will be easier to answer the questions in your exam and earn the most points.
Many self-study resources, such as whitepapers, videos, books, and whitepapers, are available to help you prepare and pass the AZ-204 exam.
Microsoft Learn
Microsoft offers an official learning pathway to help you prepare and pass the Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam. This will also allow you to become a Certified Azure Developer Associate. Below is the official Microsoft learning path to the AZ-204 certification exam.
Instructor-Led Training
You can get help from several reputable instructor-led training agencies. The classroom experience can be enriching and productive if you have the right instructor. Receiving instructor-led training is a great way to reap the benefits.