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Working Back to Go Forward (With Jeff Gothelf, – The Digital Project Manager)

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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston
To be sincere. Are your projects ever able deliver the results you expected? Could it be? This is why? Perhaps you didn’t plan. Perhaps you didn’t manage your team well. Maybe you struggled to manage your stakeholders. Maybe it’s all of these. Maybe it was because you weren’t all on the same page about what the final outcome would be and the vision for the projects. Listen to today’s podcast. To be more confident in your future, learn how to work backwards. This will reduce the chance of project failure and increase your chances of success.
Ben Aston
We appreciate you tuning in. Digital Project Manager was founded by Ben Aston. Welcome to the DPM podcast. We are on a mission to help project managers succeed and better manage projects. We can help you improve your project management skills.
Check out to learn about our training and resources we offer through membership. This podcast was brought to you by Clarizen, a leader in Enterprise Project Management Software (and Portfolio Management Software). is a great resource for learning more.
Ben Aston
Today’s guest is Jeff Gothelf. Jeff is a keynote speaker and coach for executives and team members. He also offers remote advising, coaching workshops and keynotes. Jeff helps customers and their teams learn from their mistakes through crane agile culture. This continuously improves their products and services as well as the way they work.
You may have heard of him as the co-author of many books, including Respond and Sense. Lean UX is his most well-known. Lean versus agile, or design thinking. He co-founded Sense and Respond Press. They publish modern business books that are transformational. Jeff, thank you so very much for being here today.
Jeff Gothelf
Hey Ben, I am grateful for being on your show.
Ben Aston
Let’s start with projects. Although you are product-oriented, I think this could be a part of a larger program, or product roadmap, for PMs who manage projects.
Ben Aston
It’s an interesting question. We can help our teams and ourselves as project leaders to adopt a more iterative approach. Even though I know you have just written a post about the top ten rebuttals to Agile, it won’t work here. I would like to talk about the challenges that digital project managers face and why.
Fundamentally, I believe clients love the idea that agile work is possible. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about agile terms or a delivery framework. Let’s discuss this mindset approach to agile.
Three are the greatest challenges I must address, however. First, I don’t want to talk about client mistrust when it comes to client requirements. The type of challenge, budget and time are the third. Clients want flexibility but don’t have enough money.