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What is the cost of Linux certifications?

Linux is a versatile operating system that organizations are increasingly relying upon to manage their complex enterprise networks. There are many Linux flavors available for these environments.
Many organizations offer Linux-related certifications to ensure that IT professionals have the right knowledge and validate their skills. Earning Linux certification is a great way to advance your career or learn open-source technology. It can also help you expand your career options. The demand for Linux-skilled IT professionals has increased in recent years.
There are many options when it comes to Linux certifications. This article will help to make informed decisions about which certifications you should pursue, what they cost, and whether they are worth it.
What Does Linux+ Cost?
CompTIA’s Linux+ certification (XK0-004), is a good choice if you aren’t sure where to start or which distribution of Linux to use. This exam is for IT professionals who use Linux to manage any number of devices and applications. It focuses on enterprise Linux for cloud, mobile cybersecurity, and web administration.
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However, the sticker price doesn’t necessarily reflect the reality. CompTIA recommends A+ and Network+, along with 12 months of Linux admin experience. Add the cost of these tests to the cost of the Linux+ exam and you can expect an additional $555.
All CompTIA exams can be accessed through Pearson VUE. This makes them available in all 50 states and saves us travel costs. You will still need to pay for gas and a celebratory meal afterward. Add all this up and you’ll spend $50 on exam day. You will need to study before you take the exam. You’ll need to consider the cost of both an online course and a textbook.
Let’s use SPOTO as an illustration. Let’s say that you have 12 weeks (a very conservative timeframe) to study for your exam. CBTN costs $59 per month for a monthly subscription. You will pay $177 for training and $33 for a textbook. This amounts to $210 for training materials.
Add it all up, and assume that you still need A+ and Network+ to earn Linux+ certification, that brings the total cost to about $1,117.
How much do LPI exams cost?
The Linux Professionals Institute offers a range of exams that cover Linux Essentials, DevOps Tools Engineer, and a three-tier administrator certificate (LPIC). These certifications are another option for professionals looking to broaden their Linux credentials.
Linux Essentials costs $120 All other LPI exams cost $200
You’ll have to work your way up from the bottom. It will be more expensive to become LPIC-3 certified because you will have to pass LPIC-1 as well as 2. However, you will earn a higher salary.
Pearson VUE also proctors LPI exam, so we can use our $50 estimate for exam day expenses. Online training is available for LPI Linux Essentials, LPIC-1 and other subjects. As well as the corresponding textbooks. We’ll add the same number as before.
This amounts to approximately $380 for Linux Essentials and $460 for each subsequent exam. LPI certification might be more affordable than CompTIA’s Linux+.
What is the cost of Red Hat Certifications?
Red Hat’s Linux distribution is a popular enterprise-grade kernel. This means that having knowledge in this area can make a big difference in your job prospects. Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat Certified Engineer, and Red Hat Certified Architect are the three certifications available.