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Three Life-Changing Resolutions You can Make in 14 Weeks

“The flipping of a calendar is not magical, but it’s a clean break, a new hope, and a blank canvas.
– Jason Sorowski
New Year’s is a popular time to reflect on your life and make resolutions. The most popular resolutions are those about improving your appearance. There is an entire industry that can help you achieve your goals with exercise and diet.
The most common goals for self-improvement after weight-loss or fitness resolutions are professional and financial fulfillment.
The path to finding concrete, actionable methods to: 1) Get a job; 2) Make/save money; and 3) Learn a new skill (the three most common resolutions for weight loss) doesn’t have a clear path.
Our coding bootcamp has helped over 5,000 alumni to transform and upgrade their skills to become professional developers. This was all done in just 14 weeks.
After 14 weeks, you can get a better job
The fourth industrial revolution is underway, whether you like it or not. This means that every job, except for a few, will be implementing technology to automate the position, streamline industry operations, or completely reinvent the way things work in that field.
You have the opportunity to make a decision now about whether you want to be on the right or wrong side of the change.
Coding Dojo has helped people with little to no coding experience land the most sought-after jobs in tech.
What jobs have our graduates landed?

Where can our grads work?

After 14 weeks, make more money
Wages tend to rise when there is high demand. Too many people believe that the best way to get a better pay is to be more focused and push harder for the same job.
The secret to getting a raise is to go where they pay more.
No matter if you’re just out of high school or a recent college graduate unhappy with your career progression, or a Master’s grad who needs to make a major career change, coding bootcamps can help you get more money. Bootcamp grads earn $76,500 on average, which is almost $20,000 more than college grads.

Know valuable skills after 14 weeks
If you have the time, talk to any tech recruiter about which skill you should learn. You are likely to get a few suggestions. “Learn Python!” “AWS” “Java will be huge this year.” The recruiters also talk about other coding languages if you don’t know what they are talking.
Coding bootcamp teaches you the three main coding languages used in the most successful companies around the world.

Get determined to realize your potential quickly
It is not easy to keep resolutions. Only 36.6% of people keep their resolutions for less than a month, and only 11.4% manage to keep them for more than a year.
There is nothing worse than wanting to make a difference and then failing.
Bootcamp will provide you with a team of top professionals who will help you achieve the three key resolutions in just 14 weeks.
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