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New Training: Developing SQL Data Models (70-768)

Knox Hutchinson, a CBT Nuggets trainer, recently released three training modules to help learners create SQL data models.
Each module corresponds to a section in Microsoft’s Developing SQL Data Models exam (70-768):
Developing SQL Data Models (70-768) – Data Modeling
Developing SQL Data Models (70-768) – MDX, DAX
Developing SQL Data Models (70-768) – SSAS Tuning

This training covers the following topics:
Multidimensional BI semantic models
Tabular BI semantic models
Multidimensional Expressions
Data Analytics Expressions
SQL Server Analysis Service

What is included in this training?
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Start training3 training courses
69 videos
In-video quizzes
Virtual Labs

Take a look at the video of the training.

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Knox joined CBT Nuggets in 2018 as a trainer. His expertise includes data analytics and business intelligence.
Learn how to create data models with Knox today!
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