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Must-Have Tools For White Hat Wizards

Ethical hacking is, alongside video game testing and penetration testing, one of the most exciting IT jobs. Although it may not be as exciting as “real” hacking but you get paid for the same job. The skills you acquire in the areas of forensics and penetration testing and cyber security could lead you to a lucrative career in IT security.
You must be a skilled ethical hacker. Clients don’t want to hear that you found any flaws or weaknesses. You are completely protected. This is what antivirus programs claim, and nobody believes them anymore.
You need to be able to deliver results in this field. We’re referring to pure ownage when we say results.
Gandalf, the Grey, fell into the Mines of Moria’s dark abyss and was reborn as Gandalf The White. Your journey will be the same: from hacker-tinkerer turned ethical hacker extraordinaire. It will not be easy but it may save the world.
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Hacking Software for Serious HackersWhite hat hackers use the exact same tools as black-hat hackers, because hacking is hacking. You need to be creative if you want to hack as well as your black hat counterparts. This means having options and extending your reach as much as possible.
Good white hats will have a software toolbox containing all kinds of goodies. However, you don’t have to download each cracking or hacking tool individually. These operating systems are designed for penetration testing. You can access hundreds of hacking tools from the first boot.
Kali Linux
Parrot Security

You will want to be familiar with forensics-based operating system such as:
DEFT (Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit).
CAINE (Computer-Aided INvestigative ENviroment)

Hacktastic HardwareEvery successful hacker must be able to think outside the box. This is what separates wheat from chaff. The great white hats often use a combination of software tools and hardware gadgets to conquer a company’s IT systems.
Rogue devices are the most useful hardware weapons a hacker has in his arsenal. They are placed on or near the target’s premises with intent to steal useful information or compromise systems via malware infections.
You can’t just leave a router in a corner of your office hoping that it will be overlooked. You can learn how to use gadgets like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino to create fake WiFi access points for your MITM operations.
You can’t go wrong with a malware infected USB drive titled “COMPANY NAME – CLASSIFIED” left on an employee’s desk. Nine out of ten, they’ll plug it in. Curiosity. Cats. You get it.
Access: GRANTEDSoftware security doesn’t work if someone is able to simply walk in and gain physical access to servers and workstations. It’s impossible to prove that someone is you, or a accomplice. Go home.
You will need to be more confident to pull off this type of stunt. It’s easy to get into the lobby of a large company. But once you are inside, you need to have a reason to be there. This is where the real fun begins.
Asking the receptionist “Where is the server area?” You won’t be able to help if you don’t look the part. You can take a cue from Hollywood and buy new clothes that will make you look like a technical worker or cleaner. Make sure to bring your trusted toolbox.
The toolbox you just waltzed into with? Tubular lockpicks are for keyloggers and secured server cabinets.
CCTV is your enemy here. In a real-world scenario there are not many hackers