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Microsoft Outlook: Must-Know Tips There are probably many shortcuts that you don’t know exist that will make your life easier. Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer and Microsoft Office guru, shares some Outlook tips. Simona’s Microsoft Outlook 2019 Training will help you learn the latest version of Outlook! Microsoft Outlook Tech Tips Did You Know that Outlook can save a reply to a message in the same folder, instead of Sent Items? This option can be found in File, Options, Mail, and then under Options. If you don’t view your email as Conversations, you might find it useful if you right-click on an e-mail to locate related messages in the conversation. The mini translator might be useful if you receive emails in another language. It can be turned on by pressing the Translate button in the Message tab. The Filter button on your Home tab is not often used. It’s worth a try! Outlook 2013 and 2016 allow you to reply or forward messages in the same window. This is a good option. However, if you prefer that the message opens in a different window, go to File, Options and Mail and select “Open replies and forwarded in a new tab”. To ignore any future emails related to the conversation you clicked on, click the Ignore button. All future emails on this topic will be automatically added to your Deleted Items. Did you know you can add a rule for your Automatic (Out-of-Office) Replies? This is great if you need to ensure that certain emails are forwarded to someone else when you’re not available. This is useful when Outlook automatically completes email addresses for users. You can also delete a suggestion by clicking the cross to right of the name. This is useful if someone has changed their email address and you don’t wish to send a message back to the old address. Although you can delete individual AutoComplete entries from your email, there are times when it is best to delete them all at once. You can find the option under File, Options, or Mail. You can delete individual entries from the Recent People section of Outlook’s AutoComplete, but not Other Suggestions. This AutoComplete list can be disabled in File, Options and Mail. Do you know someone who has an accent in their name or a colleague? Add the accent to Autocorrect so it appears with the accent in your Outlook emails. Copy the email name with the accent (use Insert, Symbol to insert the accented character) and type it in. Click File, Options. Mail, Editor Options. Proofing, AutoCorrect Options. Enter Chloe, or whoever, into the Replace box. Then paste Chloe in the With box and click OK. Online shopping is a lot of fun, and it generates a lot of emails. A Quick Step marks emails as read, then moves them to my Online Shopping folder. It then applies a yellow category, forwards them my personal email address, then self-destructs my business email account after 30 day. Everyone could benefit from at least one Quick Step. You can find them under the Home tab. I like flagging emails in my Inbox. Do you? You can see them all together on your

To-Do Bar. This can be turned on via the View tab. Make sure Tasks is visible on it. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO Start training. It’s helpful to flag emails, but it’s important to ensure that you take action by a specific time.