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Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals Training (MS-900).

Microsoft 365 is a great toolbox that allows you to swap in and out products and services, and configure it. This makes it a favorite among many organizations. Simona Millham and Chuck Keith have created a new course that teaches Microsoft 365 basics.
This training will help you understand the cloud-based platform and its potential business applications. It is a must-have for admins as well as anyone who wants to fully grasp the capabilities of Microsoft 365.
This training is ideal for those who are looking to earn Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification. It maps to the MS-900 exam making it an excellent study resource.
This 42-video entry-level training covers topics such as:
Learn more about Microsoft 365 services
Recognizing the benefits and concepts of the SaaS cloud model
Microsoft 365 enables collaboration
Understanding compliance, security, management features
Pricing and support options
… and many more

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