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Learn Social Engineering : New Book

Learn Social Engineering : New Book
My new book, “Learn Social Engineering”, is now available for you to send to your libraries.
This book will teach you everything you need to know about Social Engineering. Apart from my views, there is an Ask the Expert section in the book where you can learn more about social engineering from famous IT Security professionals such as: Troy Hunt, Jonathan Trull and Milad Aslaner.
Learn Social Engineering to improve information security.
Key Features
Table of Contents
Book Description
This book will give you a comprehensive understanding of social engineering. This book will give you an in-depth understanding of how social engineers work to help you avoid and combat social engineering attacks.
Learn Social Engineering begins with a brief introduction to the various types of social engineering attacks and the damages they cause. The lab environment is set up to allow you to experiment with different tools and then perform social engineering steps like information gathering. The book covers topics such as spear phishing and baiting, scareware, and pretexting.
You will be able to protect yourself by the end of this book
Your systems are protected from social engineering threats.
The book covers all aspects of social engineering, from A to Z, as well as excerpts from security experts around the world.
What you’ll learn
Who is this book for?
This book is for security analysts, penetration testers, security professionals, and anyone who works with information security and wants to learn about social engineering techniques. A prior knowledge of Kali Linux is an advantage
Table of Contents
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