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It’s International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on the current state of affairs for women all over the world. My world has been affected by a move to an office. We used to have seven toilets, but now we have four. Although I haven’t had to wait in a queue yet, I am certain it will.
I don’t find it so annoying. With 70 million girls not being able to access education, those of you who have done the education thing (and spent a lot of time complaining about it), fall under the category of the fortunate.
Even in developed countries, where education is a given, there is still a lot to be done. For example, French women earn 80% more than their male counterparts each month. Given that 51.4% is female, this inequality benefits the minority. However, men don’t seem like they are taking advantage of their earnings advantage. (link to msn removed 26/5/15, as it’s no more active. Only 12% of France’s parliament is comprised of women. This is worse than Greece, which has a history of being a macho state and a lot less than the 47% of the Swedish Rikstag.
To all my female colleagues, and women around the world, happy International Women’s Day!
Et pour des webnauts francaises : aujourd’hui nous fetons les femmes. Bonne journee a vous toutes !
Quand tout se fait petit, Femmes, vous restez grandes – Victor Hugo