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In Memoriam: Eric Jenett (PMI Founder).

Eric Jenett, founder of PMI, and PMI Fellow, has died at the age of 88.
Mr Jenett was the first person to become a PMP.
He earned a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and spent most of his career at Brown and Root in Houston. He was also a founding member of the PMI Houston Chapter and was its former president.
Mr Jenett had planned to attend the PMI Global Congress, which is currently underway. Beth Partleton, Chair of PMI Board of Directors, spoke briefly about Mr Jenett’s work at the PMI Awards ceremony. Jim Snyder, another founding member of PMI, was then given the opportunity to share his memories with Mr Jenett.
Snyder stated that Mr Jenett was someone he had admired over the past 42 years. He made a significant difference to my life and that of everyone in the room,” Snyder said, speaking to the audience at the awards ceremony. “You wouldn’t be here without him.”
Snyder explained that Mr Jenett was the one who designed the first PMI logo. His first passion was sharing information on a growing profession. He said that Eric worked hard to bring people from different areas together to share their ideas.
You can view the official PMI obituary for Mr Jenett online.