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How to Pass the PMP(r), Certification in 6 Weeks: Step-by-Step Guide

This guide will show you how to pass PMP(r), certification in just 6 weeks. Follow along with the companion guide by downloading the companion guide.

Table of Contents
The ExamsPM ApproachRoadmap for Becoming a PMP (r)Watch Lectures Online Week 1-3Submit an Application Week 3Practice Questions and Webinars Week 4-6Optional StepsThe shocking truth that no one talks about: Why most PMP(r), aspirants fail
What is PMP(r).
Project Management Professional (PMP(r),) is the most recognized project management certification.
This certification shows that you are familiar with the standard framework and terminologies used to manage projects. You will be able to access the Project Management Institute (PMI network) which will allow you to expand your network and increase your job opportunities.
Before granting an interview, some recruiters screen candidates for this certification.
This guide will walk you through the entire process of passing your PMP(r), certification in just 6 weeks.
Do you qualify?
PMI has very strict criteria for selecting candidates to take the PMP(r). This certification is for experienced project managers with at least three years of experience leading projects.
PMI’s definitions of project experience will help you decide if your experience counts. A project is “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.”
It doesn’t matter how big the project is. You can have one person or 100 people in your project team. To complete your project’s deliverables, you can have a budget of $100 to $1,000,000 All projects, big and small, count towards your project management experience.
If you don’t have enough experience in project management, you might consider the CAPM(r), which is for junior project managers and project manager assistants.
Two ways are available to qualify for the PMP(r), certification. Refer to the chart below for qualifications criteria.

Are you ready?
It is a huge commitment to obtain your PMP(r). This certification requires approximately 100-150 hours of study and thousands of dollars to attain (see cost breakdown in the chart below). This certification is both expensive and time-consuming. Before you start, ask yourself “Are you ready?”

Ask yourself these questions before you embark on this journey.
Why should I get this certification?
What impact will it have upon my career growth?
Are you willing to spend 1-2 hours per week studying for the next 6 months?
What amount of money will I spend to get certified?

ExamsPM Approach

You will not get the traditional online PMP(r), training course. Instead, you will receive a DIY course and practice questions. However, there is no one to monitor your progress to make sure you are learning. This approach has two problems: many people won’t finish the course and they don’t have anyone to help them.
ExamsPM’s PMP(r), which combines online and live training, is a fraction of its cost. A coach will be available to you every week to help you stay on track. He/she will ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.
Live webinars will be offered weekly, where you can network with students and ask questions to PMP(r), certified instructors.

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Join the PMI
Register as a PMI Member before you begin studying for the exam. A PMI member will allow you to write your exam at a reduced rate and you will receive a soft copy of the most recent PMBOK(r).
You will not only save money on your exam but you will also have access to all PMI resources including webinars and job boards.
The PMI membership offers incredible cost savings and value