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How to Pass a Successful PMP(r), Audit

Myth: PMI audits candidates with specific profiles more than others.
Truth is, the audit process is completely random.
This article will show you how to conduct a PMP(r), audit. It’s not as difficult as you might think. It is very simple.
PMI will send you an email that looks like this if you are selected for an audit.

After being notified, you have one month to complete your audit.
Follow the link in your email to log into your PMI profile. You will find a PDF document for each project you have listed in your application.
Here is an example of a sample audit report:

Once you have downloaded the documents, you can either mail them or email them to your contact person.
Protip: Double check that your email has sent the correct PDF file. You don’t want your manager to receive a document about a project you managed.
Note: The document must be signed by your contact person and mailed back to you. PMI does not accept electronic signatures for the audit.
It might take some time to wait for your contact to sign your verification form before you can mail it back.
To ensure that your contacts are not experiencing any difficulties, you should follow up with them every few days.
You have a month to complete the audit. This means you need to be proactive in managing your contacts and ensuring you get the signed documentation from them promptly.
Once you have received all signed documentations from your contacts, you will need to mail it all to PMI. Scanned copies are not accepted. PMI would like to see all the signatures of your contacts. It’s also a good idea for your contacts to complete the form in blue ink. ).
Before you send your package to PMI, ensure you include the following: * A copy of your degree (Bachelor or High School) * Certificate for 35 hours of Project Management Training* Signed documents from contacts verifying your work experience
PMI will send you an email confirmation once your package has been received. It looks like this:

At this point, you don’t need to do anything but wait. PMI will take about a week to review your package and, if you pass the audit they will send an email congratulating. This is how it looks:

You have now completed the audit successfully! It wasn’t so bad! You can now book your Prometrics PMP(r), Exam at a Prometrics center near you. Good luck!
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