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Government: Getting it right

The UK Government’s Public Accounts Committee produced a report called “Delivering successful IT enabled business change” that examines how government projects are performing. The report shows that while some projects do well, the lessons learned are not transferred to other projects. This is not surprising to project managers. Although we know the importance of post-implementation review, it is difficult to share the information with colleagues.
Projects are often unique and difficult to transfer to other projects.
There is no industry-standard way to manage this transfer of knowledge. Databases rely on individuals searching for data, while face-to-face meetings rely upon individuals who have all the company’s lessons.
We rely too much on the project team members to relay the minutes/outcomes to their departments. If project managers don’t share the lessons learned, there is little chance that other departments will be able to manage the feedback and take the lessons away for their next involvement in projects.

Is there a way to communicate lessons learned in a way that makes it accessible to everyone, at any time? This product could really improve the success rate for government projects, and all other projects.