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Five Tips and Tricks to Help TrelloPower Users

Trello is widely considered one of the best tools for project management because it is simple to use. Trello is the best choice for anyone new to project management, or who wants to quickly get up to speed. Trello’s simplicity is often mistaken for a lack of functionality by project managers. Bridge24 for Trello can be used to export and report on Trello.
Trello is a tool you use every day. You might not be getting the most out of Trello. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of Trello’s project-management software.
These are some quick tips to help you get the most out of Trello
Tip #1: Make the most of the shortcuts you have at your disposal
Trello has many keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your workflow. Most people are familiar with Trello’s navigation shortcuts. You can use your keyboard to edit cards and assign tasks, filter and mark card, and many other useful functions.
Here are some of our favourite shortcuts:
To quickly edit a card press “E” and push the “E” button.
To assign (orunassign), an assignment to you, press and hold the spacebar
Press “;” to display labels names on a board.
Push “??” To open the shortcuts page, press “??” To open the shortcuts pages, press “????”
Tip #2:Turn emails into cards
Are you suffering from inbox overload We’ve all been there. This is why we use project management software. To make tasks more manageable and organized, we want them to be out of our email inboxes. It can feel overwhelming to have to manually create each emailed assignment in every tool you choose.
Theseemails can be converted into a Trello card quickly. Each Trello board has a unique email address (Find itby clicking “More” in the sidebar and opening “Email-to-boardSettings”), and forwarding an email from your inbox to that addresstransforms it into an easy-to-update card.
Every Trello card has its own email address, just as boards. You can add comments to emails sent to Trello cards. This little trick is useful if you receive emails from executives or other stakeholder asking for feedback on a project.
Tip 3: Turn webpages into cards
Do you ever save pages to read later, but never get around the time to actually read them? Perhaps you find inspiration in other peoples’ work to inspire your own projects. You might enjoy reading articles that help your team learn new skills.
These situations are not uncommon for project managers. Trello is a great solution, but very few people have heard of it. With the Send to Trello bookmarklet, you can easily convert webpages into Trello card templates
To do this, drag a link from thispage to your bookmarks. Once you have reached a website you wish to share, click on the bookmark link and select the board or list. It can be used to set a deadline or ensure that your designer has the book.
Tip 4: See all the assignments that you have received on every board
As organizations and teams grow, people tend to create more Trello board. This allows them capture departments, teams, or even major projects. If you are a member on multiple boards, it can be difficult to keep track all the cards that have been assigned to your name.
Trello has you covered. To view all cards assigned to your board members, click your avatar and click the “Cards” button. You can filter the cards by due dates and board. Clicking on a card will take to the destination board.
No more jumping from one board onto the next. No more missed deadlines.
Tip 5:Mirror cards between multiple boards
Are you a part of a large organization that requires you to work on complicated p