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Five Reasons Hackers Should Get an Ethics Hacking Certification

Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that cybercrime will cause a global loss of $6 trillion by 2021. This figure will grow by 15% annually until it reaches $10.5 billion by 2025. It is essential that organizations have a strong cybersecurity team in place to fight the growing cyberattacks.
Ethical hacking is a growing profession. Organizations need to hire ethical hackers to find and eliminate vulnerabilities and threats. Employing professionals who can think like hackers to find security vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks and applications is a way for organizations to protect themselves against internal threats.
This blog provides information about ethical hacking, and the importance to get CEH training.
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What is ethical hacking?

5 reasons hackers should obtain an ethical hacking certificate

Why choose NetCom Learning to train CEH?

What is ethical hacking?
Ethical hacking refers to an intentional cyberattack against a computer system. It is done to assess the system’s security. An ethical hacker attempts bypassing system security and looks for weak points that could allow malicious hackers to exploit. This information is then used by the organization to reduce or eliminate potential attacks and improve system security.
Ethical hackers use the same methods used by malicious hackers to hack systems, but they report them instead of profiting from them. Ethical hacking does not guarantee a system will be secure 100%. Instead, it helps to reduce the vulnerability of the system.
Five Reasons Hackers Should Get an Ethics Hacking Certification
Employers are looking for certified experts who can identify and exploit vulnerabilities and threats. A certification as an ethical hacker demonstrates that you have all the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job.
These skills are not only sought after by employers. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and harder to defend. You need to ensure that your security measures are in place if you own a business. This means that you will need someone who can properly test them.
We have listed 5 reasons hackers should receive CEH training.
1. Think Like a Hacker: To anticipate their next move, you must think like a hacker. Hackers use many technologies to exploit the systems they target. The average person is not aware of these techniques.
Certified ethical hacking will train individuals to think and act as a criminal hacker. This is done through hands-on training in a simulated environment that gives you first-hand experience of the scenarios you might face.
2. You can improve your hacking skills with in-depth knowledge – A CEH-certified instructor-led structured training will help you to develop your hacking skills faster. You will also be able to use the most recent techniques and tools. This certification upgrades your knowledge in various aspects of IT security. It includes operating systems, firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS), as well as ethical hacking tools. It allows you to gain access to target systems and improve their security parameters.
3. Lucrative Job Opportunities – It’s a well-known fact that hackers can target any digital business. The demand for ethical hackers is increasing across all industries due to increasing cyberattacks. Other than IT companies, certified ethical hackers are also sought after by other industries, such as airlines, financial institutions, hotels, and airlines. CEH is a highly sought-after certification in cybersecurity. This certification is a recognition of an individual’s expertise in their field.
4. Opens Doors to Military & Government Jobs – EC-Council CEH, part of the DoD 8140 Directive, is recognized as a baseline certificate for CSSP Analyst, CSSP Auditor, CSSP Infrastructure Support and CSSP Incident Responder. This certification is also used to obtain a baseline credential for ARMY Cyber, both in intelligence and deployed infantry.
5. Experience with Real-World Scenarios. This course provides hands-on knowledge of real-world hacking tools, and scenarios using virtual labs. You will be able to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and learn how malware works.
NetCom Learning is an Accredited Learning Center (ATC), of the EC-Council. It offers training on NetCom Learning’s Ethical Hacking course to improve your knowledge in ethical hacking.
Why choose NetCom Learning for CEH training?
NetCom Learning is an accredited training partner of EC-Cou