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Five of the Most In-Demand IT Skills Companies Will Hire for in 2017

The job market has undergone many changes over the past decade. There are now sectors and industries that are not as common as they were a few decades ago. IT is the most dynamic sector. It is growing at an incredible rate as everything becomes digitally compatible.
The tech industry has had a profound impact on the world’s economy in recent years. It has been the backbone of the market and has created employment opportunities and growth opportunities for other industries. It is safe to predict that there will be an influx of new jobs due to the rise of Internet of Things, and its influence on the economies around the world. These jobs will focus on IT skills that will drive the future.
These are the 5 most in-demand IT skills companies will be looking to hire in 2017
Data Science
It is the most popular job in the next decade. It involves analyzing and presenting information from large amounts of raw data. Data mining, Big Data, and business analytics are just a few of the skills that businesses need to be able to connect with customers and provide customer-centric services.
Cloud Computing
Cloud-enabled IT infrastructures are the future of tech. Businesses are shifting away from traditional server-based IT systems to the cloud. This allows for efficient collaboration, transparency in work, product, and project management, as well as cost-effective IT management. Enterprises will hire more professionals who are proficient in managing and administrating company enterprises over the Cloud, as well as those who have knowledge about tools like AWS and MS Azure.
Database Administration
Enterprises need robust databases to store and manage data. This will eventually lead to skilled database administrators who can organize the databases for the companies. In the future, there will be a demand for database administrators who are skilled in managing large amounts of data. Companies are looking for predictive and informative information. IT professionals with skills in Structured Query Language, (SQL), or similar platforms will have huge job opportunities.
Network Administrator
The network systems are being upgraded to keep up with the changing technologies, cloud-enabled infrastructure and applications. Businesses need professionals who can manage modern enterprise networks and systems. They also need to be able to keep up with evolving wireless technologies and collaboration tools. IT managers will also be in high demand. They can adapt to changing IT architecture requirements and streamline any changes with total control and proficiency.
Web / Application Development
We are now surrounded by a vast array of computing devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This has allowed more people to be connected to technology and the internet. This has led to a huge boost in mobile development, which has created plenty of opportunities for programmers. There is also a growing number of small and large enterprises that are making an appearance on the web to connect with consumers. Web development is expected to be one of the fastest growing sectors in 2017.
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