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Exclusive Access to the 2018 State of IT Training Report

How effective is your IT training strategy? Preparing IT staff to defend against modern threats and implement new cloud-based technologies requires ongoing education. But what are the most effective training methods? Which technologies should you invest in? And how do you stack up against your peers?

New Horizons sent a survey to its customer base to gather data and opinions on successful training methods, IT budgets, technology priorities, training challenges and more. We received responses from 351 companies across more than 10 industries. We supplemented these survey results with outside research to create the 2018 State of IT Training report.Download the report to dive deeper into these areas:
How Companies Manage ITThe IT Training GapIT Training ChallengesHow Companies Train IT StaffKey Influencers in IT Training PurchasesIT Priorities in 2018 and BeyondTop IT Challenges Facing Modern CompaniesNew Technologies Being Added in 20182018 IT Budget DirectionAnd More…Our research sheds light on the fact that many businesses don’t have an effective IT training strategy in place. Organizations need to prioritize corporate training as business technology evolves and cybersecurity threats become more complex. Some highlights from the report include:
11% of companies believe there is sufficient training available for their organization’s technology needs12% of companies believe their IT training strategy is effective40% of employees who received poor training leave their positions within the first year