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Compare pricing for the best risk management software products that offer the best value-for-money.
Software buyers tell us time and again that price and functionality are their top priorities when looking for risk management solutions. While budget is a major concern for most businesses, it doesn’t make a product more valuable. It must also provide the functionality you require.
This report ranks the most valuable risk management products based on user reviews. We’ve chosen those that have received the highest scores for functionality and value for money. We also provide pricing information and details about the product’s starting price.
Top risk management software is rated on price and functionality
Below is a graphic that shows risk management products that have the highest functionality and value-for-money ratings, based on user reviews from Capterra’s software directory. The products are arranged in ascending order of their functionality rating (left-to-right) and value-for-money rating.
Note: Although products in the top-right area of the graph are more functional, they still have the highest value-for-money ratings. Price comparison for top-rated risk management software
It can be difficult to compare pricing and features across multiple software solutions. This table compares the different risk management software products in terms of their starting pricing, free trials, and free versions. It allows you to easily compare these products in one place.
The above table contains products taken from the scatter plot. Public pricing information is available for the above products. These products are arranged in alphabetical order and the pricing included in this table is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering (discounted pricing not considered) found on vendor websites as of July 26, 2022. These risk management software products can have a different cost depending on how many users they have and what features they offer. 1BizAway
BizAway, a cloud-based software solution for business travel management, is available to both independent travelers and travel agencies. You can create the approval process that suits your travelers best by monitoring and appraising their bookings. It features multilingual platforms, multicurrency configurations and custom travel policy.
Book starting price: $3 per booking
Additional features available at a higher cost: Advanced versions allow for customization of license fees and commissions per transaction and dedicated customer service. They also allow for periodic consolidated billing.
2Contractor Compliance
Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based solution for contractor management that allows organizations to manage and analyze safety and environmental compliance requirements. Businesses can set up compliance requirements based upon job role, location, and other metrics. They can also use the drag-and drop interface to upload documents or files to the platform.
Annual subscriptions start at $199, payable annually.
All features are included in all pricing packages. Only the number of companies a user works with when using the software is different.
iAuditor allows users to create checklists, file reports, conduct operational inspections online, and more. iAuditor allows users to create inspection reports in a variety of formats, including PDF, XML and CSV. It allows users to keep a digital audit history that helps them identify and track trends over time for risk assessment. It also allows users to download forms to conduct offline inspections of business operations to identify any potential problems.