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AWS Launches Tool To Monitor And Maintain High-Availability Apps

Amazon Web Services (AWS), launched this week a new tool to assist customers whose applications must meet higher availability requirements than “four nines.”
On Tuesday, the Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller was made generally available. The templates are available here. Customers can use AWS CloudFormation to deploy the tool.
Sebastien Stormacq, AWS developer evangelist, described the Route 53 Application Recovery Controller in a blog post as a “sets of capabilities” within the larger Amazon Route 53 product. “That continuously monitors an app’s ability to recover after failures and controls application recovery across multiple AWS regions, AWS Availability Zones and on-premise environments.”
The Route 53 Application Recovery Controller was designed for workloads that require high availability, such as those involved in stock trading and real-time payments processing. Stormacq stated that such applications require an “availability rate[s]] at or above 99.99% with recovery times objectives (RTO) measured within seconds or minutes.”
He explained that replicas are often deployed across multiple AWS Availability Zones and AWS Regions to address these requirements. Then, you use Amazon Route 53
To ensure that end users are routed to the correct replica.
The Route 53 Application Recovery Controller adds an additional level of automation to these steps, primarily via two features: readiness checks as well as routing controls.
Customers can use the readiness checks to assess their application’s ability to recover by monitoring “AWS resource configurations and capacity” and “network routing policies”. Routing controls redirect traffic to ensure that applications are available.
The pricing for the Route 53 Application Recovery Controller will be determined based on demand. Stormacq stated that you are charged per readiness check or per cluster per hour. “Readiness checks are charged $0.045 an hour. Cluster are charged $2.5 an hour
More information is available here.