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AWS Lambda offers new training

This 42-video training video by SPOTO trainers Trevor Sullivan & Bart Castle covers the knowledge cloud administrators need to use AWS Lambda to build and deploy serverless apps for web app development, data processing and mobile backend.
This training video by AWS Lambda is worth watching.
Your code will be easier to deploy if you know how to leverage Lambda. AWS Lambda is used in conjunction with other AWS services to provide a seamless integration of the AWS on-demand service constellation.
These are the six skills that make up this traning:
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Get started trainingUnderstand the AWS Lambda Service
Get Started with AWS Serverless Application Model
Working with Lambda Functions using SAM
API Gateway and SAM: Working together
Gradually Deploying Applications Using SAM
PowerShell and AWS Lambda allow you to create serverless functions

This six-part series covers topics like navigating AWS Lambda console, writing, deploying Lambda functions, as well as developing serverless apps within Lambda.
Get Started with the Serverless Application Model
Understanding AWS Lambda Pricing
Plan for SAM Gradual or Canary Deployments
Writing Lambda function output to s3
Understanding the Calculator API Project

This training includes:
Training for 5 hours
42 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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