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AWS EC2 Training Program: New Training

This 41-video training video by SPOTO trainer Bart Castle teaches cloud administrators how to configure cloud compute capacity through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It also demonstrates how to scale compute capacity to meet your needs.
This training video from AWS EC2 is worth a look.
EC2 is essential for accessing secure, resizable compute resources at-need. This training will teach you how to configure and spin up capacity using the web interface and APIs. You’ll also learn how to use the simple web interface and APIs to configure capacity. This will make you a more competent administrator.
These are the six skills that make up this AWS training:
Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training
Start trainingPlan for and run Amazon EC2 instances
Support AWS EC2-Based Workloads
Design for Dynamic Ec2 Workloads
Design for EC2 Automated Scaling
Secure EC2 Workloads
Plan for EC2 Storage Security

This six-part series covers topics like navigating Amazon Web Services account details and obtaining and booting new instances of server. It also discusses monitoring computing requirements and scaling up new capacity accordingly.
Generating EC2 Key Pairs
EC2 Storage Security Overview
Launching EC2 instances with the Management Console
Use the Command Line to Launch EC2 Instances
EC2 Scaling Group

This training includes:
Training for 3 hours
41 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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