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A good business case

This white paper on IT Toolbox explains how to create a business case. It all depends on how you define the term “business case”. For me, this document is more of a feasibility study: What is the problem? What could we do to fix it? And what have we decided not to do? A business case that is pure and simple already has the solution and can present financial and business justifications for how it will be implemented to solve the specific business problem. I would include the actual costs of the solution, the resource costs, reasons for rejecting other solutions, and any relevant financial measures such as return on investment, internal rates of return, and so forth. However, sometimes a project is so short that time-based financial measurements are not useful in decision making.
It is important to provide strong reasons for choosing this solution. Sometimes, such as when there is a change to the law, you have no choice but to comply with it. Any resource or other costs can be simply written off as “cost of staying in business”.
My interpretation of “business case” might differ from yours, or the authors of the white paper. However, it highlights the importance to understand why you are producing the document. Who is this document for? What will they do? Is it for approval or information? What does the answer to these questions mean for your writing?