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5 Microsoft Exchange Benefits For Modern-Day Enterprises

Email is a vital communication tool in a business environment. Microsoft Exchange Server is an e-mail-based collaborative communications server that allows businesses to use E-mail, Calendars and Contacts. Microsoft Exchange Server offers reliability in email-based communication and a host other functions that make day-to-day business operations easier and more systematized.
5 Microsoft Exchange benefits every business should take advantage of:
Enhanced Security for Confidential Data
Every data in cyberspace is under threat. Every organization is concerned about the security and integrity of information sent via mail. Exchange Server’s built-in defense mechanism against all kinds of email threats is one of its many benefits. Multi-layered antispam filters keep spammers out and phishing threats at bay. Anti-malware software keeps an eye on viruses.
Complete backup of your data
Exchange Server benefits are different from the old POP3 mail system. It provides a central hub that backs all emails and can be accessed whenever needed.
Professionals today need flexibility in their work culture and 24-hour access to important information. Microsoft Exchange Server makes this possible, especially with the new Microsoft Exchange Online on the cloud-enabled Office 365 platform. Microsoft Exchange benefits include the use of MS Office Outlook as an email platform. This makes it easy to manage your mail and contacts. Workers can access their mail anywhere and anytime.
Collaboration for productive and organized work
One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Exchange is its ability to increase productivity. Different features like scheduling and contact management allow staff to share their calendars, which helps them stay connected and help them create a path that is aligned. This results in higher productivity.
The Exchange Admin Center’s new Apps tab allows businesses to create applications according to the requirements of their users. These apps include LinkedIn, Bing Maps and many other apps. ActiveSync is a feature of the Exchange Server that allows users to sync their data to mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry.
Only after extensive exposure to Microsoft Exchange can you maximize the benefits of these features. You must master the skills required to become a certified network administrator or system administrator in Exchange. This is possible with extensive Microsoft Exchange Server training from NetCom Learning. The MS Exchange Server course will prepare the participant for the qualification exam and help them become job-ready after the course is over.