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3 MSPs, 3 Success Stories – How to Keep Employees And Customers Happy

Are you looking for MSP success? You can’t be a master of all trades if you don’t choose your customers well. There is no one-size-fits all secret to success in the MSP world.
However, the keys to running an MSP business aren’t as difficult as you might think. It is all about looking after your employees, working with the right clients, and learning from your mistakes.
Three MSPs shared their secrets to success during the 2022 CompTIA EMEA Member & Partner Conference, London. Hollie Whittles moderated the panel discussion entitled Award Winning MSPs share their secrets. Hollie Whittles is an information security and HR director at Purple Frog Systems.
All three agreed that it was crucial to choose your customers wisely and be laser-focused in a specific area of expertise, whether this is a technology set or a vertical sector/customer type.
Kevin O’Loughlin is the CEO and founder of MSP Nostra in Ireland. They initially stated that they wanted new business and would accept any form of business. However, they quickly realized this strategy wasn’t a winning formula and didn’t make commercial sense long-term.
He said, “About six year ago, we established the minimum standard that our customers needed to meet. This is when our growth really began.” “We went to every customer, saying, ‘You must meet that standard, or you will lose your customership.’ Our customers now accept that set of products and tools.
Colin Blumenthal, Complete I.T.’s managing director. Colin Blumenthal, managing director of Complete I.T., agreed and stated that it was important to be proactive when dealing with customers.
“Know your market, we are SME-focused. He said that it is important to know what you are good at, and to have a clear proposition about what you are offering to the market. Also, be clear about why your company is different and better than others. It is not about offering a quick fix or waiting for the phone ring. Everyone should be proactive when creating a roadmap and communicating it with clients.
Cloud Nexus founder Scott Riley added that he is a consultant and a consultant to the company. “We have this niche focus in Office 365 and Azure, which means I can build a tactical group of people who are passionate about what we do. Our people are our greatest asset. Focus on what you are best at and have a trusted partner for everything else.
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Staying close to customers
MSPs were forced by the pandemic to offer flexible working options in 2020 in an unprecedented rush. This forced them to be closer to their customers and provide assistance that they didn’t expect before COVID-19.
All three MSP chiefs agreed on the importance of providing extra support and service to clients during the pandemic. Some even stopped invoicing customers in the hardest hit sectors to help them get through the toughest months. This has led to increased customer loyalty, improved communication, and goodwill.
Lead by example
The panel was unanimous in their agreement when asked about what makes a great leader. A great leader can be a good listener and allow others to take on more responsibility than being a bottleneck at top.
“Let’s let go and empower our team. Blumenthal said that people will make mistakes but they must learn from them to thrive. “Freeing senior members of your staff allows them to go out and win new clients and can focus on growth.
O’Loughlin of Nostra said that he was making himself redundant in his job, which allowed him to focus on acquisitions and allow more of his colleagues to learn new skills.
He said, “It has allowed my focus to be more on acquisitions and next year I’m planning to start looking at UK and beyond.”
It was important to eliminate the blame culture and to be able to see the perspectives of those on the other side of the table when making strategic decisions. It will be more difficult to implement a strategy if the workforce is not fully supportive.
Riley stated that being present as a leader was crucial, as well as eliminating toxic culture within the business. Too many MSPs still have a toxic culture of ‘blame throwing’, which is harmful. It must be eliminated. We must also invest in the next generation and be more diverse in our industry.
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