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2022 PMI Exam Preparation – Get PMI ACP Certification In 2022!

Are you interested in PMI ACP Certification? What motivated you to pursue agile certification, and PMI ACP certification? Do you want to know more about PMI ACP Exam preparation? Do you want to know how to get the PMI ACP credential? You can read on to learn the do’s & don’ts of PMI ACP Exam preparation.
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What are the steps to get started with your PMI ACP Exam Preparation
Where can we begin our PMI ACP Exam Preparation Have you reviewed the PMI ACP requirements. Before you begin the PMI ACP Exam Preparation you must ensure that you have the proper passport. To apply for the highly sought-after credential PMI ACP, you must meet the PMI ACP requirements.
You are probably aware that the PMI Institute, the world’s top institute for project management, has a wide range of standards and practice guidelines for all aspects of project management. Why is it the most respected and well-respected organization in project management?
One is the treasure they have created in terms best practices in project managing with PMBOK PDF, additional standards and practice guides to program and portfolio management. Another is the strict and rigorous eligibility criteria and a well-defined certification process for all its credentials, including PMI ACP.
PMI ACP Requirements

PMI ACP Exam will test your knowledge and ability to apply agile practices. You would need to prove that you have both. What are the eligibility criteria?
Experience in managing projects in agile environments and other environments is required. PMI ACP covers many types of agile. You should also take PMI Agile Training to learn the principles and practices that encompass all agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban and Lean, Extreme Programming and TDD.
Let’s look at the PMI ACP requirements you must meet to be eligible for certification.
Educational Qualifications

You are eligible if you have a high school diploma, a secondary degree/associate degree.
PMI ACP certification refers to projects that use agile practices. PMI requires that you have both general and agile project experience. If you already have a Project Management Professional or a Program Management Professional credential (PgMP), you don’t need to mention your general project experience. PMP and PgMP require that you have at least 2000 hours of experience in project management. You are exempted from this requirement.

ExperienceHoursGeneral Project Experience2000 or 1 year or having PMP Certification or PgMPAgile Project Experience1500 hours21- hour Agile practices training
PMI follows a methodical approach to certification requirements, as mentioned. PMI also conducts a role-delineation study and continuously revises the requirements and exam content outline in order to meet industry needs. This ensures that the exam measures all aspects of agile as they are practiced in the industry. PMI ACP vs CSM has more weight because of this study.
PMI stipulates that you must have completed 21 hours of training on agile practices before you sit for the exam. This is even if it is not completed by the time that you apply. It is a good idea to start the 21-hour training as it will help you prepare for your PMI ACP Exam Preparation.
You want to learn how to become ACP, and what PMI ACP Exam Preparation is required to obtain the certification.
How to prepare for the PMI ACP exam:
Are you a PMP certified or have you attended a scrum certification program? If so, you might be able to compare the PMI ACP certification exam