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2022 PMI ACP online training: Comparison of PMI ACP online training

This post will discuss the pros and cons associated with PMI ACP online training. You will also learn why PMI ACP is important for you. Let’s dive into the PMI ACP online training to learn more about the whys and howfores of PMI ACP online training.
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What is PMI ACP?
Let’s start by expanding the acronym PMI ACP. It stands for Project Management Institute’s (PMI), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP). This credential is provided by PMI Institute. Before we get into the PMI ACP Online Training, we want to explain why PMI certification is being discussed.
Why PMI?
What is so special about PMI? PMI has been active in project management for over 4 decades, starting in 1969. PMI was created to share, educate and pool best practices in project management. PMI is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. Is this certification and body more relevant to people living in the USA?
No! PMI has 280 chapters on five continents. PMI has 450,000 members who practice, advocate, and contribute to project management best practices.
Besides these, there are 3 good reasons why PMI is important. However, there are many other reasons PMI is important.
PMI is the most well-known not-for-profit organization for its best project management practices.
In most countries, the credentials are recognized and mandated (in certain cases).
PMI’s ACP is a mix of different agile flavors. You don’t have to stick with one method.

What is PMI ACP online training?
Simply put, PMI ACP online training is the training you receive to take the PMI ACP certification exam via an online mode. You want to find out if this training is right for you and what it can do for you. Let’s take each step one at a time.
Why should you choose to take PMI ACP online training
Two reasons are common for anyone to take the PMI ACP online course.
You want to pass the PMI ACP Certification exam.
You might want to keep up with the industry trends. You should be familiar with agile practices, as all organizations use agile methodologies for their projects.

As you can see, PMI ACP is a credential you can earn by passing the PMI ACP certification exam. There are usually certain prerequisites for any exam. There are also a few prerequisites for PMI ACP. If your reason is #1, PMIACP online training is not only an aid to passing the exam, but also a prerequisite.
Are you eligible to take the PMI ACP Certification exam
What are the PMI ACP Requirements or other eligibility criteria? These are the eligibility requirements PMI has established for those who plan to take the PMI ACP Certification Examination.

There is a minimum education requirement for any PMI certification exam. You will need to provide details about your project management experience as the certification exam tests your ability to use or apply for project experience. This includes agile and regular projects you have worked on.
PMI also recommends 21 hours of training in agile practices common across industries to ensure consistency in your knowledge.
EducationGeneral Project ExperienceAgile Project ExperienceTraining on Agile MethodologiesHigh school diploma/secondary degree/associate degree. Have at least 2000 hours of experience or about one year. Use agile methodology for projects for approximately 1500 hours21-hour training in agile practicesGeneral Project Experience
Are you currently a PMP (Project Management Professional) or PgMP (Program Management Professional), PMI certification? You will automatically be f