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2022 PMI ACP Exam Prep – 3 Steps to Cracking the PMI ACP Examination

Are you preparing for PMI ACP certification How do you prepare for the PMI ACP Exam Prep exam? What is the PMI ACP Exam Prep roadmap that will lead you to your PMI ACP credential goal? Let’s take a look at the process to see the steps involved.
PMI ACP Requirements
Are you familiar with the PMI ACP requirements Before you can think about PMI ACP Exam prep, you need to be familiar with the requirements and the application process. Before we get into the details about PMI ACP Exam, let’s first discuss the eligibility requirements for PMI ACP.
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PMI ACP, the agile project management certification, is offered by PMI Institute (Project Management Institute). Here are some facts about agile certification and PMI ACP to help you make a decision on PMI ACP Exam Prep.
PMI ACP, according to PMI, is the fastest-growing certification among all credentials offered by PMI.
PMI’s 2015 report states that agile projects are 75% more successful than other projects, which is 56%.
PMI ACP does not limit the range of agile methods to Scrum, unlike other agile certifications.
You will be exposed to many agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), and Test-Driven Development (TDD) when you become a PMIACP.
You are a PMI ACP because of your knowledge and expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects.
PMI ACP is industry-agnostic, so your chances of being placed are higher than other agile certifications.
You can expect a raise in salary and a higher position.

What are the PMI ACP Requirements?
PMI ACP, as we have already mentioned, demonstrates both your practical experience and your conceptual knowledge of agile methodologies. It is therefore natural to expect that PMI ACP Eligibility requirements will have a combination of these.
Let’s look at the PMI ACP Requirements. PMI requires that you have a minimum amount of education and some experience. PMI also requires that you complete formal PMI Agile Training. This training is about principles and practices to ensure that you are well-equipped for theory and practice. These are the basics.

You are eligible to study if you have a high school diploma/secondary/associate’s degree.
PMI is a combination of agile and general project experience. You will need the following:
ExperienceHoursGeneral Project Experience2000 or 1 year or alternatively having PMP Certification or PgMPAgile Project Experience1500 hoursIf you already have PMP certification or PgMP certification, PMI assumes that you meet the general project management experience and hence you need not give that experience again here.
By the time you sit for your exam, you should have completed 21-hours of ACP Training
It is important to confirm that you meet the PMI ACP Requirements before you begin your PMI-ACP Exam Prep. The application step in the PMI ACP Certification process is also required, but the PMI ACP Exam Prep does not. There is a requirement to schedule your exam as your goal for PMI ACP Prep is to become PMI ACP Certified. Let’s now discuss how to become ACP, and then we will talk about the PMI ACP Exam Prep.
PMI ACP Exam Prep – 3 steps
The PMI ACP Exam preparation can be broken down into three steps. First, you choose the PMI ACP training provider. Next, you prepare for the PMI ACP Exam using the PMI ACP Study Guide. Finally, you test your readiness to take the PMI ACP Certification Exam via PMI ACP Sample tests.
Step 1: Selecting a Training Provider
Let’s start with choosing a PMI ACP training provider. What are the key factors to consider when selecting a training provider for PMI ACP? It is important to choose the type of training you want. You can choose to have a classroom training session or an online PMI ACP.